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Water Temps 40's to 50's. Water slightly stain to clear.

Good early AM topwater action now over isolated grassbeds and secondary points in 3 to 8 feet of water for both smallmouth and largemouth bass.  Buzzbaits, Sammy's, Zara Spooks and Pop-R's are a good place to start.     Once the sun shines go to the docks and skip jigs and plastics up under the pontoons and platforms.  Don't overlook the walkways near the bank.  Sometimes big bass are hiding here in only a few inches of water and tucked away under the floats.  When 50 degree water arrives, cast the LuckyCraft Pointer 78 in Ghost minnow all day.  This suspending stickbait will catch many species of fish in the fall.

Walleyes are beginning to school and can be found in relatively shallow water in the remaining milfoil clumps.  As the water cools in November, jig spoons in deeper water near cover.

Perch and Pickerel are prolific throughout the lake and some big pike are being taken near deeper SAV on points and flats.




Water Temps 70's...will touch the 80's in after hot humid weather patterns.

Summer pool is higher now then in previous years and many fish are feeding in the shoreline shallows, especially at night.

The topwater smallmouth bite has been sporadic this summer, especially during high barometric pressure.  Look for smallmouth over rocky points and flats with submerged aquatic vegetation nearby.  As the sun rises during the day, fish the deeper grass beds in 6 to 10 feet of water with plastic stick worms.  Largemouth bass favor the deeper grass and make short sojourns to adjacent docks where savvy anglers skip plastics and  jigs to these feeding fish.

Walleyes are cooperating at night hitting crank baits and jig/minnow combinations.  Crappie fishing is relegated to deeper water now and some activity is happening near both the 219 and Glen Dale bridge pilings.

Big pickerel and good size perch are abundant in deeper SAV throughout the lake.  Nice bluegill action can be had near the docks in Sky Valley.


Late Spring/June

Water Temps 60's...will touch the 70's in after hot humid weather patterns.

Smallmouth bass are hitting topwater prop baits, poppers and floating stick baits in low light conditions, preferably early morning.  Once the sun shines, go to tubes, jigs and grubs on rocky drops and boat docks near mid lake. 

Largemouth bass are post spawn and cruising shoreline grass in up-lake coves. Throw spinnerbaits, trick worms, Senkos and buzzbaits in and around the grass.

Walleyes cooperate at night better then daylight hours.  Crankbaits grubs and leeches work in deeper water with submerged vegetation near by.  Give a small 1/4 oz rattletrap a try.

Big bluegills are near docks and cover in 3 to 6 feet of water.  A piece of nightcrawler under a float will make you and the kids happy.

Trout still at the back ends of major coves where cool oxygenated water enters the lake.  Look for the trout to migrate to deeper cooler waters near the dam as the summer temps rise.  Inline spinners will work here.

Northern pike, pickerel and perch can be taken throughout the lake and lipped hooked shiners are a "go-to" live bait for these species. 



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